Sunday, July 13, 2008

Malayalam cinema

Malayalam cinema refers to films made in the Indian state of Kerala in theMalayalam language. It forms a significant component of Indian cinema. Malayalam cinema remains the most popular medium of entertainment of the people of Kerala and is known for its socialistic leanings. Malayalam movies typically portray social or familial issues and as a result are considered more realistic than Bollywood movies.[citation needed]. The first 3D film produced in India was in Malayalam, called My Dear KuttichathanPadayottam, the first fully indigenous 70 mm film with all its work done in India. The first Cinemascope film produced in Malayalam was Thacholi Ambu. These all movies were produced by Navodaya studio that played a significant role in Malayalam film industry. Chemmeen was the first film which earned a gold medal from the President of India and Guru, directed by Rajiv Anchal, is the only Malayalam film proposed as the Indian entry by the Indian Film Industry council for Oscar Award so far.

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